Executive Recruiting Services: What We Do for You!

Primus Executive Recruiting facilitates the process of getting the right person to the right job.

Have you ever wondered how it is possible that over a million positions were unfilled at any time during the Great Depression of the 1930’s? We absolutely believe it! In a tough and competitive business environment, employers want to pay for only as much human time as they need and they will not settle for an individual unless they have the right skills, qualifications and attitude.

In spite of so many people looking for work, it is not any easier finding good people. Social media and online job boards offer unprecedented visibility to anyone willing to spend some time on the web. But how do you sort out the plethora of candidates?

Primus Executive Recruiting uses sophisticated tools to recruit, screen and classify applicants - both online and off. Often, the most efficient method of finding good professionals is actively looking for them by meeting them in social and professional gatherings, establishing relationships with professional schools and universities, talking to our clients and employees, participating in professional forums, or simply talking to everyone we meet and accessing their networks. We spend our time so that you don’t have to spend yours, and we make those professional skills available to you on favorable and flexible terms. Who could ask for more?

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