Who We Are

Primus Executive Recruiting has roots in the technology and medical communities. At Primus Executive Recruiting we understand concepts such as fixed costs, regulatory compliance, teamwork, work ethic, communication and efficiency. Our goal is to provide employers with professionals who personify our values and knowledge in the workplace and who will not just do a job, but will work consciously to make a positive difference.

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What We Do

We only provide Employees for permnanent, full-time positions. Reliable Professionals when you need them, with the right skills, attitude and expectations to help yor company grow. Our referrals are screened for both technical abilities and performance or personality skills. We will reach out to a large number of potentially qualified people, but we will refer to our clients a small number of highly qualified and thoroughly screened individuals!

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Primus Executive Recruiting aims to facilitate employment by removing the complexity, the risks and the costs of the recruiting process as we know it. Employers will experience speed, competence and efficiency. Employees will meet a career enabler who supports and cares about them. Together, we will create business environments capable of competing in the 21st century economy!

Company Values