Company Values

Primus Executive Recruiting aims to match excellent employees with desirable employers for the benefit of everyone involved in a safe, efficient, and streamlined way. In our drive towards providing outstanding value to our clients and true opportunity to our candidates, we abide by the following overarching values:

Attention to Safety
At Primus Executive Recruiting, safety truly comes first. Safety from occupational hazards, firearms, illegal drugs, hazardous materials, accidents and injuries of any kind are just one half of it. We equally respect and value the safety of information, such as personal data, health records, trade secrets, proprietary documents, passwords, and any other sensitive information.

Along those lines, we only work with clients who support workplaces free of hazards, firearms, drugs, violence and harassment.

Professionalism is what really drives business. It combines ethics, industrial efficiency, people skills, knowledge, intuition, and one’s own ambition to create a truly valuable employee. Professionalism has many faces, from treating others with respect, to reliable attendance, to being a team player and doing one’s own work with the highest standards of quality. It also includes acknowledging errors and one’s own limitations and getting one’s feelings out of the way of doing business. If there was a unique criterion of professional behavior, it would be how much others, including supervisors, clients and colleagues, want to continue to work with a certain individual. We aim to be providing our clients with candidates with the strongest sense of professionalism.

At Primus Executive Recruiting, we instruct our candidates on the basics of professional appearance and conduct as part of the pre-interviewing preparation through a special presentation and checklist that we make available to them!

Efficiency is the core of competitiveness, and the lifeblood of any growing business. In short, it is a set of rules and techniques for getting more output while using less of one’s resources. Often times, it comes down to what they used to say, “Use it up, wear it out, make do, or do without.” Other times it means implementing a new technology or finding a simpler way to do standard tasks. At Primus, we believe that people do make a difference, that things can always be done more efficiently, and our employees learn how to utilize time, technology and supplies to maximize output. We refer employees who share this commitment to continuous self- and collective improvement!

Due to the nature of today's complex workplaces, employees have to adapt quickly to different working environments. They need to learn the people, what each of them does, the type of work and the hierarchical structure of their new workplace. Teamwork, or being efficient when working with others, sometimes is as simple as doing one’s work by a certain deadline; other times it requires two people sitting side by side to work on a project together, in real time. We screen all candidates for excellent teamwork skills.